Repairs & Restorations

Buckhorn Canoe Company has repaired, restored and reconstructed a wide range of small wooden craft made by the old premier canoe makers of North America. Restoration of wooden canoes are what we do most, but we will also work on row-boats and small runabouts.

Dick has extensive historical knowledge of the old canoe and boat companies, their canoe models and is skilled in conservation and restoration of old wooden boats and canoes. He is a volunteer, member and a regular contributor of his experience to the Canadian Canoe Museum and Wooden Canoe Heritage Association where he is also a member.

Since no two canoes or boats and their conditions are alike, estimates will only be given upon survey of your watercraft in our shop. Bring your canoe or boat to our shop, and we will provide you with an estimate for any required work to be done.

All our work is quaranteed to equal or exceed the quality of the original work. A deposit is required when you deliver your boat to our shop, the remainder is due upon completion of the work and presentation of our invoice.

For those of you interested in repairing or restoring your own canoe or boat, Buckhorn Canoe Company carries a good selection of quality materials and supplies needed.


Canoe & Boat Restorations Gallery

Late 1950’s 15′ Langford Canoe

15′ 6″ Legend Canoe
Chestnut Canoe Co. 16’ Indian/Maiden Model
Chestnut Canoe Co. 16’ Cruiser Model
Peterborough Canoe Co. 10’-6” Pal Sailing Dinghy
Peterborough Canoe Co. 15′ Minetta Model

Reg. Harran 15’ Cedar-strip Runabout

W. Walker 16’ Cedar-Strip Canoe
R. Robertson Courting Canoe
Peterborough Canoe Co. 16’ 604 Model