Materials & Options

Standard Specification Wood Canvas Canoes:

Our new wood canvas canoes and rowboats are built with the finest select vertical grain cedar for planking and Ontario white cedar ribs. Gunnels, decks, thwarts and seat frames in ash and hand caned seats. We varnish all wooden parts before assembly to seal the hull from water absorbtion. The completed hull is covered with select #10 canvas and filled with our own hard wearing filler. 

The filled canvas is painted with Pettit marine enamel in your choice of colours. The interior is finished with four coats of marine grade spar varnish. All screws, tacks, stembands, and other fasteners and hardware are marine grade brass or bronze.


Select hardwood such as mahogany or cherry are options for gunnels, decks thwarts and seats. Outside wood stems, extended crowned decks, deck coamings and floor boards. 

Two tone paint schemes accent lines, stripes and monograms are other options to satisfy your requirements.

Cherry Trim


Red Cedar Floor Boards


Outside Wood Stems

outside wood stems

Extended Crowned Decks with Coamings

Monograms & Two Tone Paint
Gold Stripes Outlining Hull Profile
gold stripes outlining hull profile