14ft Chestnut Peach Canoe

The Chestnut canoes built in Fredericton, N.B. before the fire of December 1921 were significantly different from what was produced later. The fire destroyed the canoe factory with all the forms, jigs and models.

I have had the privilege to restore several pre-fire Chestnut pleasure canoes in good condition. The 14 ft. models, Little/Peach, and the 16 ft. models, Ajax/Moonlight, are especially fetching. I have decided to reproduce the 14 ft. model Peach from that era.

The Chestnut Little and Peach are easy paddlers with a light draught, flat floor and a good deal of tumblehome. It carries its width well toward the ends giving it a very good carrying capacity for its size. The graceful upturned ends should please the most fastidious canoe lover.

The Chestnut Peach is built with open gunwales in ash. It has a lovely short and crowned heart shaped decks in maple or birch and thwarts and hand caned seats in the same wood.


Length14 ft
Width32 in
Bow Height21 in
Weight55 lbs
Centre Depth12 in


Chestnut Peach Canoe$5050